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Entry #8

Madness: Project Nexus Version 1.8/Episode 1.5

2012-10-04 17:33:20 by Spearra

You know how Krinkels and Swain both said Episode 1.5 is hard? They weren't kidding. As for whats new, there are those zombies Krinkels showed us and the thing with a red dot on a box. The red dot on a box enemy respawns itself if you don't blow off it's head and if you kill it too many times without destroying it's head, it explodes almost instantly. As for the zombie, it is way faster than the normal zombies and instead of instant killing you when grabed to death, they flat out drain your health than your tac-bar. Bare in mind that the normal zombies are also in Episode 1.5.

Gun-wise, in Arena, we have a new pistol that has 50 ammo per clip and fires as fast as a machine gun (maybe faster). We have new armor called Robo Armor and is fairly sleek. Oh, and your Jesus NPC no longer has his halo that way you know why he doesn't use his powers.

There are many more things but lets face it, you might aswell play it to know. Besides, it is free so no reason not to try it if you haven't already.


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